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Hey there #PodHubers,

Here's all you need to know about the Nigerian Podcast Community #NaijaPodHub.

Founded in June 2017, Naija Podcast Hub aka NaijaPodHub is the podcasting community for all Nigerian Podcasters.

Our main and original # is #PodsInNaija and we encourage podcasters to always share their episodes, and content with this #.

NaijaPodHub offers PodHubers the opportunity to:

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  • Discover new podcasts 

  • Connect with one another 

  • Share episodes amongst each other

  • Offers podcasting solutions

  • Discover Podcast Opportunities 

  • Swap trailers amongst each other

  • Link podcasters for interviews

  • Get info on what's happening in the world of podcasting

  • Share stats & data

  • Hold events for & by podcasters.

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Meet The Team

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Team Lead

NaijaPodHub was founded in 2017 by FayFay.

As an Audio producer, her skills and expertise in podcast production fuels her drive to make podcasting in Nigeria become an industry of capable creators who are appreciated for what they do.

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Content Strategist

Ms P (Tomi)  is the Content Strategist. she maps out the game plan for events and focuses on crowd sourcing for ideas to help put together training and development content. She is also an Admin over at PodMagic Creators. She hosts Ms P Speaks Podcast.

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Content Analyst

Rachael is Our Content Analyst,  she is the brain behind our amazing content, she reviews and analyses our content, she handles PR and makes sure the things we put out are at least half as beautiful as she is. She uses her awesome writing skills to screen content and ideas before we bring them to life. She is one half of The Fray Music Podcast

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Queen Raffy

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Community Manager

QR is our community manager. She is the founder of the support part of the team, she founded PodMagic creators and has grown the group to bring together hundreds of Nigerian podcasters. She hosts Queen Raffy’s Space podcast.

There's so much more we offer just to help each and every podcaster get better, and get recognized for their work.

Every podcast & PodHuber is important to us at NaijaPodHub.

We hope we can continue to spread the love and community spirit of the Podcast Movement.

Support Us

As a community, the growth and betterment of the podcasting industry are all we strive for. To keep this dream alive, we need your support.

Here are ways through which you can support the community:

You can buy our NaijaPodHub Tees by submitting a request here

You can support us with money to cover data plans, website subscriptions and a lot more

Donate in Naira or in USD 


Thank You!