50 Top-Ranked Nigerian Podcasts Of 2020

We are very excited and proud to share this list with the Nigerian podcasting community. We all know the struggle of getting stats of any kind about our podcasts collectively, and it gladdens us to be able to put together a list of the top-ranked podcasts of 2020.

Here's how we did it.

@tonydoevo sent us a dm on Twitter.

We already had ten browser tabs of podcast analytics site opened on our laptop, so we figured our days of procrastination were over.

Since it's the first time we are putting together a list of this magnitude, we decided to narrow it a little.

So if you are on this list, here's how you got on it:

  1. We looked into all the podcasts in our database. Our current count is 170. You can check it out here

  2. We only considered podcasts that ranked between 1 and 200 in 2020.

  3. We decided to look at the stats for Apple podcast Nigeria.

  4. Our list is based on how your podcast was listened to or downloaded in Nigeria alone.

We were able to accumulate stats for 68 podcasts hence why we made it a top 50 list.

We didn't add How far by Mr. Eazi and Temi to the list because it has only been out a few weeks, and yes, it has hit #1 in that time.

Without further ado, here we go:

50 The U & I (Unconcerned And Indifferent) Podcast

49 Pod Save Africa

48 The Pride Diaries | Married To Nigeria

47 Story Time With Jae

46 Hectic Podcast

45 Subo Talks

44 Igbo Podcast

43 My Opinion Hauwa Abudu

42 The Root Of All Bants

41 No Wahala With Tunde And Bawo

40 Calm Down Podcast

39 Off Record Podcast

38 Queen Raffy's Space

37 Letters To Boys

36 Life Diary With Debs X Fayo

35 The Mats Podcast

34 The Unsullied With Oreka Godis | Candid Opinions With Florian

33 Surviving Eko With Fecko

32 Snc Podcast

31 The Talk Show With The Announcer

30 Mommy Oyoyo

29 The Irregular Show Podcast

28 The Pot Of Beans Podcast

27 The Ex-files Podcast

26 For The Love Of Afrobeats

25 The Chatterbox Podcast

24 From Lagos With Love

23 Tips From My Fashion Business

22 The Young God Podcast

21 All About Nigeria

20 Dear Lagos Podcast

19 Chocolatempire

18 Queercity Podcast

17 Young In Love With Kezia

16 Road To 30

15 Taboo Doctor

14 The Wiseguys Podcast | Northorious Podcast

13 This Is Rather Awkward

12 Talk room | The Viewing Center

11 Off-air Podcast

10 Nigerian American

9 The Fikemi Aderoju Podcast

8 My Name Is Azed | In These Moments

7 Submarine And A Roach | Listening Sessions

6 F&S Uncensored | #Withchude

5 How Nigeria Works(...But Doesn't)

4 Rants And Randomness

3 Laid Bare Podcast

2 Jesus And Jollof

1 I Said What I Said

And that's it. Our list of 50 top-ranked Nigerian podcasts of 2020.

Thanks for reading.