Before You Record

Hey there #NaijaPodHuber

What are the steps you take to ensure you have everything you need to record your new episode?

NaijaPodHub has put together a list for you & this applies to you if you have a podcast already or recently decided to start one.

Before you apply these steps, it means your podcast has a name, a logo, your content is well defined, you have a mic or you want to record with your phone etc.

If not, you need to get these ready. We'd help with that as we progress

  1. Decide the topic for the episode.

  2. Make bullet points to help you go from start to finish.

3. Pick a recording date and time.

4. Consider all possibility of noise:

your neighbour’s iBetterPassMyNeighbour generator, the church

vigil next door, the unexpected birthday, your little sister’s tea

party or sleep over, your mum's august meeting, LAGOS!!! 0r Nigeria, consider it


5. Setup your microphone.

Are you using your phone to record? Can it record in airplane mode? Are you using a

USB microphone or a dynamic microphone? Is your microphone set as your

input device? If that isn't done, you will be recording with your laptop's inbuilt

microphone which isn't what you want .

6. Setup your DAW

Adobe audition, Garage band, Audacity, Protools etc. These are all Digital Audio

Workspaces that you can use for complete pre & post-production of your podcast.

7. Setup your laptop for recording.

8. If you need to use the internet, don't forget to subscribe.

9. Do a test recording and listen back.

10. Now hit the record button and you are all set.

After all these steps, if you still have issues, be it technical or otherwise, kindly reach out to us or leave a comment and we'd get back to you.

Thank you.

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