Welcome to NaijaPodHub!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

We have been around for about 3 years now and we are happy to have you on board.

Naija Pod Hub is a community of Nigerian podcasters who want to evolve and grow together.

We refer to our community members as #NaijaPodHubers or


Every member of the community is just as important as the next.

We have shared 100+ podcasts with the #PodsInNaija. Go to your twitter search bar and type #PodsInNaija #001, you’d see the very first podcast we shared. And as you change that number from 001 to 100 or more, you’d see all the podcasts we’ve shared thus far. Asides sharing podcasts, we share tips and tricks to help podcasters and make their creation process easier. About our website: -The tabs on the page - The About page tells you more about us. - Podcast categories - groups all our podcasts into SCBEP Society/Culture/Banter/Entertainment/Public Opinion ADSP Audio Drama/Storytelling/Poetry HPS History & Politics & Sport TFM Tv/Film/Music LSRSI Love/Sex/Relationships/Self Improvement CETB Careers/Education/Tech/Business HF Health & Fitness

PRT Parenting

The full directory is displayed HERE and you can add yours to it by simply submitting it at the bottom of the page.

Events will be published for you to register. It can either be events organized by us or by other #Podhubers we have agreed to support.

Donate - Naija Pod Hub isn't a profit making venture. It thrives on donations & support from you and is trying to raise money to fund itself by selling merch.

We hope that one day, we’d have enough money to start supporting

#Podhubers in return

You can follow us on twitter @naijapodhub On IG @naijapodhub and

join our private Facebook group where we talk about any and everything.

Thanks for joining us here and welcome to the family.


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