New PodRoom Feature: Accepting Donations with Podcast Wallets

We’re proud to introduce PodRoom’s Podcast Wallets.

Our Podcast Wallet is the easiest way to make or receive donations straight in the PodRoom app without subscribers having to go elsewhere.

One of the main issues for podcast monetization is making it easy for followers to support their podcast.

So, we’ve been continuously working to improve this aspect of building our podcaster community and engagement. We know listeners are interested in tipping podcasters, and we wanted to make that a smooth and simple process.

What is Podcast Wallet?

Podcast Wallet is a mobile wallet powered by the integration of both Paystack and Stripe with PodRoom. (Stripe acquired Paystack in 2020 to ‘accelerate online commerce across Africa’.)

With access to both platforms, podcasters can seamlessly receive donations, and listeners can easily donate from across the world.

  • For Podcasters. It’s a simple process to link your bank account to PodRoom to create your wallet. This then allows you to accept donations from subscribers who love your content.

  • For Podcast Subscribers. For our subscribers, it’s just a matter of clicking on their favorite podcasters, selecting the amount, and making donations using a card or bank account.

All transactions are powered by and secured by Paystack/Stripe to ensure that they are seamlessly and securely processed.

How to make or receive donations with Podcast Wallets

Step 1. Set up your bank account details

Podcasters will need to fill in your banking information. Once complete, this will activate your wallet.

Step 2. Receive Donations

Once your wallet is set up, PodRoom listeners will see the option to make a donation to you. They can then input the amount and send it. Once submitted, the donation will show up in your wallet, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

With this new integration, we hope to continue making our podcast community an interactive and supportive one as we help each other grow.

So, your next step is to sign in to your PodRoom account and create your wallet.

And if you’re not yet on Podroom? Click here to sign up and join the largest community-based, interactive podcast platform.

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