Podcast Guest Release Forms/Statements, Yay or Nay?

A guest release form/statement is a document that gives you full rights and creative control over your content. It allows you to use the completed recording with the guest in whatever way or form you choose. In the event the guest has shared a photo with you, you also have the right to use that as well.

Why have a release form/statement you may ask...

  • If a guest is unhappy with the final outcome for any reason, they may ask you to pull down the episode.

  • If a guest feels they were not represented in the right manner, they may choose to sue you for damages, copyright infringement, and/or invasion of privacy.

  • If a guest feels like you do not represent their ideas anymore, or if their beliefs/ thought process has changed, they may ask you to pull down the episode.

  • If a guest feels they are the reason for your success or you use a part of their content in a promo/ad or any other use besides the podcast, they may ask to be paid compensation.

You can look up possible templates for the release form online. Here is an example of one. I personally prefer to use a release statement instead. It is usually included in the email I use to request the guest’s information (picture and bio). And it usually looks something like this;

By agreeing to be on this episode of “PODCAST” you agree to allow “PODCASTER”, to record, edit, produce, distribute and promote the interview in any manner (including, but not limited to, multiple podcasts, social media, and/or YouTube channels).

You also agree to allow “PODCAST” to retain all rights to the produced media.

You agree that “PODCASTER” may use any and all recorded material for future use in advertisements, promotional material, speeches, books, and/or any other distribution. Finally, we reserve the right not to publish an episode if we feel it won't be valuable to our listeners or brand.

If you are a PodPage Pro user, you have access to a guest intake form that also has a release statement included. Get more details here. Having this binding agreement gives you sole authority and saves you the hassle of trying to figure out how to settle a dispute or a possible lawsuit against your podcast/brand.

Will you consider using a release form/statement going forward when you have guests? Let us know!

Article by Tomi Popoola

Instagram: @tomi.popoola | Twitter: @toemee

Host, Ms P Speaks Podcast

Instagram: @mspspeakspod | Twitter: @mspspeakspod

Website: https://www.mspspeakspod.com

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