PodMagic Creators

Updated: Jul 9

For Podcasters, By Podcasters, With Podcasters

“Pod Magic Creators”, the name of the support arm of the community I coined because I believed that every podcaster is someone who creates magic and thus, deserves to have a place where they can be free to talk, whine, collaborate, and get feedback about their craft from like minds.

2 years ago, bored, exhausted, and needing a bit of pep talk, I went online and tried to find a community of like minds who could share in my very unique podcasting struggles. Unfortunately, there was none and my response to that was to create one. With just 10 members, we have grown to a staggering number of over 250 members. The beauty of joining or being a part of a community is that you have a tribe that gets you, that understands what your family or friends might not.

They know what mic works great and what promotion strategies you shouldn’t be bothered about. They celebrate your wins and milestones because they understand you, and what it means to reach those milestones. They are also there for you on days when you don't get the best out of an interview or when you lack the motivation to record that new episode. Being a part of the community even as the creator/founder has been quite beneficial to me, I have learned how to edit audio, what apps to use to create an audiogram or record remotely with a guest, and what platforms to get my podcasts on. All by simply posting a question and getting feedback.

So, as a podcaster, aside from finding the right mic, the best platform to promote your work, or the next guest to have on, I would also add that you find a community.

Article by Rafiat Akinwade

Instagram: @akinsrafiat | Twitter: @Queen_Raffy

Host, Queen Raffy's Space : @queenraffyspacepodcast

Website: https://www.podpage.com/queen-raffys-space/