Shukran: Monetization Made Easy

Shukran {Shoe-k’ran meaning “Thank you”} is a platform that helps content creators fund their creative work through tips from people who love their content. Essentially, Shukran is a tool that allows content creators to find alternative means to monetize their content irrespective of audience size or algorithm.

We understand how small content creators (especially on the continent of Africa) find it difficult to make money off their content so Shukran is on a mission to help create the next generation of media companies, and moguls that are supported by those who enjoy them just because.

Shukran caters to a wide range of content creators and podcasters aren’t left out of the mix. There are currently 500+ podcasters signed up on Shukran with ⅓ of that number who consistently use the platform to get support and get tipped every week.


Creating an account on Shukran takes a maximum of 5 minutes to get completed. The process is explained through the steps below;

1. Create an account: We have made sure that creating your account is as simple as ABC. The first step to getting started on Shukran is to sign up here.

2. Bank Details: Filling in your correct bank details is important as it allows us to confirm the receipt of a payout request. i.e this detail is especially needed when you have been tipped and you request to be paid out. Your payout will be credited to the bank account number you have filled in on your Shukran profile.The details required include bank name, account name, and account number.

3. Craft Information: This covers the kind of content you create, your approximate audience size, a link to your content (we expect people to find you and your content using Shukran - make it easy for them), and a heartfelt/thank you message to your supporters/potential supporters. Your heartfelt message pretty much humanizes your tipping page.

4. Exclusive Content Link: This is a very good incentive to get more tips when potential supporters know that they will have access to exclusive content you have created for them when they tip you. It could be for example a preset, a free e-book, an exclusive how-to video on YouTube etc. Get creative!

5. Upload a profile picture: A profile picture makes it easy for supporters/potential supporters to identify you. It will also humanize your Shukran profile and give it a personalized feel.

ONCE YOU GET SIGNED UP ON SHUKRAN, AN AUTOMATIC TIPPING LINK IS GENERATED FOR YOU. This link should be shared any and everywhere you create content. You can share on your podcast show notes, your website, Linktree or Disha page etc. You can also talk about it on your podcast too!

If you agree that a supporter is worth a 100 followers, then what are you waiting for? Sign up here.


The reference image below is a live dashboard of how your tips stack up as well as the name of the supporter and message that accompany the tip.

Signing up on Shukran and requesting for withdrawal is as easy as ABC. The signup process and dashboard is super intuitive but should you need any help, our online support is available 24/7. You can also reach out to us by sending us an email at

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