The Abuja Podcast Community

Updated: May 11

The year is 2018. At the time, Abuja’s podcast culture was non-existent. Nobody listened to podcasts, especially within my network. People didn’t even know what a podcast was. The idea of listening to audio that wasn’t music or audiobooks was unheard of, unnatural, and unexciting at the time. I was the only podcaster I knew so mine was the first podcast many people knew about.

Today, Abuja’s podcast community is budding and buzzing with all kinds of audio talent. What stands out about Abuja’s podcasts is that they focus on niche audiences. The hosts are eager to find specific communities, spaces, and interests where their podcast can thrive. As opposed to catering to the obvious, general genres like gossip, lifestyle, sports, music, and entertainment.

For example, there exists a phenomenal podcast for filmmakers called ‘The Naija Filmmaker Podcast’ hosted by a filmmaker called Sele Got. It’s on its second season. ‘Not Your Normal Podcast’ by Bobby Dimas, is a podcast about creativity and the ups and downs of content creation. Also on its second season. ‘Igbo Proverbs, Idioms and Phrases’ by Blossom Ozozurumba is a podcast done entirely in Igbo! Its title is self-explanatory. Then we have ‘Leaning In With Linek’ by Linek Ovie, (Kiddwaya from Big Brother’s manager), a podcast journal for women. And the Intimate and intelligent ‘Combat Culture’, a UFC and combat sports podcast. These podcasts are trusted voices in their respective communities.

The main issue with Abuja podcasters is that they are very interested, but not committed enough to go the distance. Podcasts are a long game but many quit before they get to episode 4. Their intentions are not certain. They don’t understand that podcasts require a very different mindset from other forms of content creation. Having something to say isn’t a compelling enough podcast idea. They underestimate the time and attention that goes into creating a show that people want to listen to.

As it stands, the podcasters who are thriving are those who have prior experience and training in content creation. They know the drill so they are able to commit to

high production quality and a fairly consistent schedule even if growth is slow initially.

To remedy this, Avocado Podcasts is partnering with a number of organizations here in Abuja to organize workshops and online courses that will help orient amateur and experienced podcasters on how to get their podcast brain and enjoy the process of building a podcast brand.

We’re also working towards the 2nd installment of the podcast conference in Abuja as a way to consolidate and acknowledge the existence of a podcast community in Abuja, Nigeria, and Africa. Such an event will go a long way in encouraging listeners and creators alike to commit to the medium.

To reiterate, growth is slow for a lot of Abuja podcasts because listeners are still figuring out how to fit podcasts into their daily routine. Meaning, you have to nail your podcast concept to stand out. That said, the Abuja podcast community does exist and has come a long way since late 2017. It is also acknowledged as part of Abuja’s wider creative community. People know what a podcast is and many of them have at least one or two podcasts on steady rotation. As more influential creators take an interest, more listeners will take notice. In the meantime, Abuja podcasters stay podcasting and serving their niche audiences until the tide rises and lifts all ships.

What a time to be a podcaster.

Article by Rodney Omeokachie (IG: @rodneyavo)

Host, The Young God (IG: @theyounggodpod | Twitter: @iamtheyounggod)

Founder, Avocado Podcasts (IG: @avocado_pods | Twitter: @avocoadopods